Don’t get lazy

There are a few daily routine health tips I wanted to share with you!

  • Don’t sit too long without exercise. Try to get up each half-hour and do some movement, if you cannot get out of the chair, try to do some muscle flexing. I get up and do some bounce exercises.
  • Do as much exercise as possible. If you do not train each day to give that daily workout, so try to help yourself by adding extra activities like use a 1-5 kg weight when watching TV, do push-ups and pull-ups in between favourite films. I find this difficult to maintain, so I found one spot in the flat and whenever I go onto it, I need to do 10 press-ups.
  • Eat sweets in one sitting. I asked the dentist and the dentist recommended that whenever we eat sweets, they should all be eaten at once, followed by a clean of the mouth. (A pool session also cleans teeth) If you eat sweets all day, the teeth will constantly be covered in sugary substance, leading to tooth decay.
  • Use stairs instead of elevators or lifts. Generally it is good advice for hearth health and muscle exercise to always use stairs. I read it can add 10 years to your lifespan if you do so. (The pic is so good, I do not know which language it is though, lol)

I write all this to make you aware that training is never finished when you leave the pool.

If you are a minor, please always ask your parents first prior to carrying out an activity that you see advertised on the Internet.