Holocaust Memorial Day

East London Central Synagogue speakers (Rev Alan Green not on photo)

Madison and I attended the 2017 Holocaust Memorial Day at the East London Central Synagogue, London Nelson Street. The theme was ‘Trauma and coming to terms with the past’.

I think young people need to understand the feelings and sentiments of the people in their community and express sympathy with their grief. We attended yesterday with a contingent of German worshippers from the German Catholic Church in Adler Street, St. Boniface.

Distinguished speakers at the event included Reverend Alan Green, for whom I briefly acted as Parish Secretary, until the duty of a swimming parent tore me away from this post; and Father Christian Dieckmann who was described as a great friend by Leon Silver.

It was a very moving ceremony and as unfortunate the cause for it was, it hopefully grew Madison’s character and spiritual maturity.

Swimmers do not just exist in pools, they live with the community around them and travel to foreign lands for competition and I think it is very important to create social harmony around our sports people.

The speaker from Tower Hamlets Council, Cllr Sirajul Islam, reminded me why the poem by Pastor Niemoller “First They Came“, which was also read by Barry Davis, that we really all have to speak up for each other and give support.

Feeling secure and happy is very important to sports men and women and social cohesion plays a great part in this.

Madison’s school, Bishop Challoner Federation school is also a Holocaust Beacon School.